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How should I install Open-Star?

The first thing you should do, is read the file openstar/README_openstar.txt before doing anything at all.

The recommended installation procedure for OpenStar is to import the file

This will give you an OpenStar instance with all new functionality installed including a properly populated menu. Using this approach you do not have all the options that the default PostNuke install gives you (you can, for example, not choose your table prefix and initial account/password) but you get a properly initialized database which is probably the fastest way to give you a properly configured instance.

You can import the sqlfiles by doing a
        mysql -D [database] -u [database_user] -p <  openstar_ship.sql
Please note that when you import the default OpenStar schema, the default table prefix (as specified in config.php) for the delivered OpenStar tables is os_core and the default admin password is admin.

Please note that you need to perform post-installation steps (as detailed below).

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Do I need to perform any post-installation steps?

Yes! Once you have installed the files and loaded the database data you can call the script

This script will apply the required changes to config.php and set the proper path for the photoshare module.

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Can I install OpenStar using the standard PostNuke methodology?

You can choose to install OpenStar as you would any standard PostNuke distribution. In order to do so, you first need to enable the installer by renaming install.bak to install and install.php.bak to install.php and then hit http://[server]/[openstar_install_dir]/openstar/install.php and proceed from there. This will give you the basic PostNuke install/configuration with all extra modules disabled. The task of activating these modules and further populating and configuring your system is then up to you. Be warned: this is a somewhat tedious task which is not fully documented.

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What about some basic demo data?

The OpenStar download contains the necessary files and data to supply a minimal demo environment. If you want an installation without any demo data, you can load the

SQL-dump rather than the previously mentioned openstar_ship.sql file. Please note that if you do this, some of the links in the left menu (such as Content) will not work correctly as there's no demo data to display.

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What extra configuration files does OpenStar use?

OpenStar uses the personal_config.php file to store OpenStar-specific configuration data. Please note that while this file can be modified, this should only be done if you know what you're doing as it can have a significant impact on your site/installation.

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Can I install additional PostNuke modules onto OpenStar?

Absolutely! OpenStar, while an extension to the PostNuke framework, remains compatible with the basic PostNuke distribution. If your module works on a standard 0.750 PostNuke installation, it should work with OpenStar. If you run into problems, please report them in the Support Forum and we will do our best to help you out.

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Is OpenStar PHP5 compatible?

Yes. We have tested OpenStar under PHP5 and applied selective fixes in order to ensure that it works under PHP5 without problems.

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